Monday, 15 October 2012

Unlucky house- 3 accidents in a year

In my previous post (3-year-3-deaths-haunted-house)I told you about a house which is likely to be haunted where 3 people died in 3 consecutive years. I have written there that I too personally believe that there is something wrong with house and its not mere co incident.I would like to relate it to my own bad experiences of staying in a house near to the house described in last post.

We had to face many difficulties during our stay in a house in Adarsh Colony of Patel Nagar, Patna.
To start with my mother became so ill and weak that we had to call my cousin sister to take care of her and rest of the family.Next my father had a minor accident which is very unlikey as he drives his scooter very carefully and never exceeds speed limit of 30 km/hr.As soon as he recovered my brother had an accident with a Jeep. One morning my brother, me and one boy from the colony were returning from market. We were walking on a about 2 feet high boundary raised beside the market road. A Jeep took a turn in full speed at street corner few meters ahead of us, lost its control and banged into the boundary wall. My brother who was few steps ahead of us was hit by the jeep,the bread loof he carried was thrown 10-15 meters away and in a flash we could find him no where. People came running for help. The vehicle which was half on road and half in shallow empty field surrounded by the boundary was lifted with help of long bamboo sticks. My brother was found under the jeep lying in piles of bricks which broke from the boundary. He was fulled out and rushed to the nearest hospital. God was very kind to us .He was safe with all bones intact having nominal injuries on knees and limbs ! As this was not enough my father had another accident. He got few stiches on his forhead.

One day my mother had locked us and gone to market. My brother deperately wanted to goto play so tried to escape through small square space in window grill availble for operating window handles. He tried hard to come out for it and got trapped with half of his body hanging out of the window. Luckily my mother came soon and once again he was saved with help of local people. Within a year we had three accidents, my mother got critically ill, my brother got trapped in window grill and there were so many other problems. We were going through very tuff time and didnt know what to do. Seeing us suffering so much one day one of our neighbour was very moved and came to us to reveal a astonishing secret . He told that during construction of this house a labourer fell form roof and died. There is something wrong with the house. Even your owmer family has so many problems. Most of them have serious health concerns. Their younger child who is just 8 has major heart problem. No renter stays here for long because of problems they face. The owner then consulted one priest, the priest told him that his house has dosh(problem) which can only be eradicated if he keeps brahmins or black cow in his house. Thus he kept you all as his tenant thinking that his house will become dosh mukt (problem free) some day. I m telling this to you because you are nice people and I cannot let you suffer like this.

As soon as came to know about this we shifted to some where else and everything was again back to normal. I dont know whether this house was haunted or not because we never felt any thing paranormal there but definitely it had some major problem like the house near by where people used to die every year. The only difference was that the house in which we used no bodyother than a labourer during construction  had died . Later we came to know that even owner's elder son had a major accident in which his skull had opened resulting in almost death.The neighbour didnt tell this as we would have get scared.

I dont know whether that piece of land already had some problem because of which the labourer died or problems started with his death.

What you think, what could be the reason ?

Sunday, 14 October 2012

3 year 3 deaths haunted house (bhutaha ghar)

There has been so much said about haunted house that it works like a protagonist in most of ghost stories.Movies show blood dripping from mirror,walls etc and blood marks every where or obejcts by moving even flying by themselves . The attempt is to make scene scary but the result is so dramatic and far from reality that  they no body can believe.The favourite place for the ghosts is shown as baathroom. I dont know why ? Do they are always running for loo ?.HaHa.The reason is very obivious,director gets a chance to show flesh .Even the ghost seems to enjoy it because it attacks only when girl is completely or almost nude. And why not ? Why they should miss the fun ? I dont whether real ghosts get chance for this kind of fun but the person acting as ghost seems to be really enjoying it. :)

The incident that I m going to tell you is not even 1% as exiciting as these movies or shows but push your brain to think. Atleast it forced me to . There was an isolated  near to my rented  house in Patna. A man had built a new house and moved in but within a year his son died.He decided to leave the house and stay some where else as everything in the house used to remind his son's death. He then rented the house and within one year someone from the dwellers died and they too left the house. The owner had no suspicion in mind and never thought that house was haunted as he or his family never felt anything paranormal during their stay there .Thinking that deaths to be mere co incedence he once again rented to the house to someone and this time  again someone from family used to live there died ! The owner had to believe that something is wrong there. These three deaths withing a year from the day a family used to start living there cannot be a mere co-incident and he decided not rent this house to anybody gain. Since that day the house is locked.The owner delcared the house to be haunted and asked people around it to stay away from it.

There is a house alomst attached to this house but people living there for years never had any such problem. Do you think that there is something really wrong with house or its just fate bad joke ? I beleive that there is something definitely wrong with the house.
Why so?
Well I have something more to tell that I will share in my next post.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Amazing Vaishno Devi - Sanjay

One time my friend was to go to Jammu to give some competition exam, at last moment he had to cancel his plan due to some . As train ticket would have been wasted I it from him and decided to go to Vaishno Devi . I made my arrangement pretty fast and boarded the train in last minute. From Jammu I reached Katra by bus and started my yatra . As I was alone I followed a group of young boys. Neither they nor me exchanged a word during the 14 km walk up to the shrine . Just before entering the temple I lost their them due to too much crowd. At the entrance police man asked me for the token . I had no idea of token system. He asked me to go down 14 km to the shine office,collect token and come back again to get entry to the temple. I thought is this worth to walk down 14 km and climb up 14 km again just to pay a vist to the temple ? I thought to return home if I go down now. I then prayed to Goddess and asked  "Will I not get a chance to have your darshan? As I thought this in no time I a boy from the group came running down and said to policeman that he is part of group and was left behind. Luckily he had an extra token and this way I got chance to visit the temple.

I did not had so much faith in the deity before and had gone just because I got a free ticket. Now I am her firm believer. This place really has great divine power. Its true adobe of the goddess.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Who slapped me ? - Anand

Around thirteen years when I used to stay at my village wver day my father used to scold me despite my hard work and dedication. My father is a farmer and I used to assit him in his work. I worked very hard but still my father used to remain unhappy with me . Bombarding with me slags was his daily routine accompanied by often beatings .Doing something for my entertainment was like playing cards, going to dance programmes in marriages or going for cinema was like doing some criminal offence resulting in sever punishment from him. I was fed up of this life and didnt know what to do.

One day I angrily left house after slapped by him and decided never to return. I didnt know where to go, just had to go away from home . I went to station and boarded a train which took me to Varanashi. Aimlessly I was wandering on the streets of the city when I felt hungrary. There was not a single penny in my pocket but I did not want to return at any cost. I had gone crazy in altogether different state of mind filled with anger and hatred . Simply I could have gone to any of my relatives but that did not strike me.My brain had become as if non functional. For two days I just drank water and slept on road pavement with bulls and cows. Third day I was too hunfrary and coudnt resist  to beg. I went to a tea shop and pleaded the owner for a cup of tea for free telling him that I had nothing to eat for last three days. He was not moved and looked indifferently at me like he ysed to at other fake beggers . A group of four people were closely watching me and soon they realised that I was not a professional beggar and a victim of fate so decided to help me . They asked tea stall owner to give me tea and as many biscuit as I want . Later they took me with them and offered every possible help . Their activites looked suspicious but I had no choice.

They used to live in a very old house in the outskirts of the city. They cared so much of me so that I may not leave them and go anywhere else. In afternoon they asked me to take rest on rooftop as they had discuss something private and important . Soon they left the house and told me to take rest while they are out for few hours. They looked like goons but I was a moron not to understand that why they weree helping a stranger without any benefits. I was very tired and devastated so pulled a mat kept in one corner of roof and slept.

Suddenly somebody slapped me hard ordering me to RUN AWAY . I opened my eyes in a flash and saw nobody around ! That slap had brought me back to my senses and I tried to flee but main door was locked from outside. I went to roof and managed to escape by climbing down house pipe.
Later I came to know that those people were noted criminals infamous mainly for illegal organ trade !
I dont know who slapped me but that slap proved to be my life saviour. Realising that slaps are not always bad, they bring you back to your senses I retuned home.

Monday, 8 October 2012

The good spirit who remined of roti

 This is narration of what my cab driver Asif once told to me when I used to work in New Delhi. He is a very good human being always ready to help others . In contrary to other cab drivers in Delhi NCR region who are known for their ill behaviour and rough laganguage, he was soft and well mannered which reflected that he belonged to a well cultured family. One day while we were returning from office, a car had broken down in the middle of the street causing traffic snarls. He went out and pushed the car to the side of the road easing traffic. He was such a nice guy.As he used to tell me his mother too was a very good and religious lady .

 One night while they were eating someone knocked door. Asif opened the door to find no one there then he suddenly saw a lady going away at a some distance. He thought that how could lady go so far after knocking the door as he had open it instantly ? While going 2-3 times she turned and looked at him with face half covered with dupatta. There was something suspicious about her face which he could not clearly make out because of dark. In night he kept thinking about her and decided to ask to Maulvi Shaheb of the mosque near by.
 Next day he along with his mother went to the Maulvi and told the entire incident. Maulvi closed his eyes for a moment and then asked her mother - Did you offer rotis(breads) to the mosque last thursday ?

 Every thursday she used to offer rotis to the mosque to be distributed in most poor ones dying from hunger.

 She begged for pardon as she had forgot.
 Maulvi then said that the spirit had knocked your door while you were eating to remind you this. !